The Enduring Appeal Of Rose Gold

Updated: May 1, 2020

There are several varieties of gold, but few combine style and exclusivity with long-lasting appeal as much as rose gold.

At Stylish Jewellery, we love to offer the kinds of items that don’t just look beautiful now and add sparkle today, but can stand the test of time.

Of course, anything made from gold has the advantage that the metal itself does not tarnish, one of the reasons the metal has appealed to people for thousands of years.

However, there is one particular variety that has become especially fashionable in recent years: rose gold.

How rose gold is made

Rose gold is not absolutely pure gold - it is 75% gold (18 karat) and around a quarter of its composition is copper and silver. The small trace of silver helps to reduce the darkening effects of the copper and the combination provides a unique and stylish colour, a metallic pink that looks truly wonderful in rings, watches, bracelets and necklaces. It is warm, feminine, exudes a wonderful glow onto the skin and carries a hint of exclusivity.

The combination has been popular since the early 19th century, starting in Russia, when Carl Faberge was making jewellery for the imperial royal family. Other peak times of fashion included in the 1920s when Cartier included rose gold in its trinity rings, during the 1940s when platinum had to be used in war manufacture instead of jewellery, and most notably in the 21st century.

In the current instance, it is the combination of rose gold and pastel shades of fashion that gives it such a contemporary and stylish look.

What makes rose gold the choice for the ages

While the popularity of different metals varies over time, rose gold has the advantage of its great durability.

As well as the colour variation provided by the copper and silver, the mixing of those metals ensures the gold is harder and therefore more robust than yellow gold. Although the colour will get slightly darker after many years of wear, it will never tarnish.

Add this to the sense of timelessness that rose old possesses and it can be fairly said that it stands the test of time. It is popular as an heirloom or as an engagement ring because both its appearance and toughness are made to last.

What we offer at stylish jewellery

At Stylish Jewellery, our mission is to make sure we can offer something for every taste. If you are looking for rose gold jewellery, check out what we have to offer online: You will discover a fabulous range of stunning items that can be worn with great joy for many years.

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